Edwards, IBCLC
Private Practice, Office Practice, Phone Consults, Breastfeeding Education, Hospital Practice, Professional Education, Home Visits

I work under the motto that more prepared = less worry, and I love to take my training and anticipatory guidance to the next level to empower families, resulting in my clients feeling more confident not just in their knowledge, but in trusting their intuition as well. My job is to listen to your priorities and specific goals as a parent, walking beside you and sharing in your challenges, as well as triumphs. I make a promise to support you with empathy, compassion, respect and without judgement.

I’ve been exactly where you are now! Becoming a new mama myself in 2019 opened my eyes to the wonderful, yet challenging journey into motherhood.
Through my own highs and lows and after talking with countless other parents about their own unique obstacles, my passion grew tremendously for wanting to bridge the gap in support and education between hospital and home. There is a vast amount of material on the internet, in books and let’s face it, from your family and friends! While this plethora of information is great, it can be overwhelming to navigate it all.
That’s where I come in … I use my knowledge and experience as a professional and a mama, to work WITH YOU in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive way! Each baby and family situation is unique and I will do the work to help assist you in ways to best care for YOUR baby!

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Approx 30 miles from Battery/Braves Stadium & farther with applicable travel fee (multiple office locations as well)
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