Peaceful Birth and Beyond
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Both mother and baby benefit greatly from lactation support. Peaceful Birth and Beyond understands the challenges of breastfeeding in a modern world. I strive to incorporate traditional ways with current information while keeping in mind the personalized goals of each individual with respect to family structure and lifestyle Women who come to Peaceful Birth and Beyond for information and support enter the phase of breastfeeding with an abundance of ease and confidence. It is a pleasure to serve new mothers in this capacity. I highly recommend that all women who are interested in breastfeeding attend a Prepared Lactation Class. I have great information to share! In addition, I encourage any woman who is currently struggling with breastfeeding to contact me sooner than later. For every issue regarding breastfeeding there are techniques and information to help get things back on track again. At Peaceful Birth and Beyond, I take an unhurried and comprehensive approach to helping women meet and exceed their goals of breastfeeding. Please visit my website for more information, read what others have to say who have previously come to Peaceful Birth and Beyond for assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.

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