New Hampshire
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My name is Susan Dauer. I 've been a nurse for 21 years. I started my career on an adult medical floor and then once I started thinking about having kids of my own, I decided to switch to a mother-baby unit to have a better sense of how to care for newborns. Even with all my experience as a floor nurse on the mother-baby unit, I still struggled with breastfeeding my first child. It was not a smooth road. Looking back, I wish I had asked for more help. That is inspired me to become an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).

I got certified as an IBCLC in 2011. Since then, I have worked both inpatient on the mother-baby unit and outpatient with mom's after they are discharged from the hospital. As new mom's we put so much pressure on ourselves and sometimes jeopardize our own emotional and physical health along the way. If your breastfeeding journey isn't going as you had hoped, I'd love to help. My goal is to help new moms reach their individual breastfeeding goals, whether that is 1 month or 1 year!

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Rockingham County, NH; Middlesex county, MA
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