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As an IBCLC and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I provide a deep level of personalized and holistic care so that the parent child relationship is nurtured, infant autonomy and learning is supported and the wellbeing of the entire family unit is considered. As a new parent, you want and need to feel confident. I help you discover how you can use your observations, experiences and the right resources to respond to your baby's needs while still attending to your own. Parents seek out my services for guidance on feeding at the breast/chest, bottle feeding, slow weight gain, low supply, feeding refusal, reflux, tongue tie concerns, introducing solids, weaning & more. I often work with medically complex dyads including those with laryngomalacia, Down syndrome and those who have previously spent time in the NICU. Graduates of my care typically first meet with me prenatally or within the first week after birth and continue working with me on average for up to 8-13 months postpartum. I'm also honored to have many families who return to my care for the newest member of their family. As a clinician, I utilize a whole body approach with a focus on mindfulness. I work from a place of drawing connections and deeper understanding to help you find more lasting solutions. I bring my own humanity and compassion to every interaction I have with a client and their family. I offer support from an open, honest and non-judgmental point of view. I'm committed to inclusivity in my practice for people of all backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities. Other things you may want to know about me:* I am fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. Clients who are currently vaccinated for COVID-19 may be seen in person, I can offer you a virtual visit if you are not vaccinated.  * I am available for in-home, office and telehealth visits. My office is located in midtown Manhattan and I primarily serve clients in Hudson & Bergen Counties in NJ and Manhattan in NYC. I have limited availability for in home visits outside of those locations. * The lactation and infant feeding services I provide are part of a range of wellness services I offer at Whole Brain Whole Body including the Paula Method for pre and postnatal recovery, Brainspotting for feeding difficulties and Functional Nutrition * I have training as a doula and certification as a childbirth educator * You can read more about my background and experiences as well as my research interests on my website

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