Cradle Me Lactation
New Jersey
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Cradle Me Lactation is about caring for and supporting moms, babies, and families to define their breastfeeding goals and explore how best to achieve them in the realities of their environment. I help breastfeeding families with issues like latching difficulties, sore nipples, nipple trauma, milk supply, lip- and tongue-ties, and many more! Prenatal Counseling is also available! Just as your little ones love being cradled while nursing or being comforted, I believe parents and families need to feel cradled with love and support as well. Together, we can work towards making this precious time with your baby a little more enjoyable! I offer Home Visits in Long Valley/Hackettstown and surrounding areas. I am an In-Network Provider for Aetna. Contact me for more information and scheduling a home visit!

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