Goodnight Baby Montana
ALC (Advanced Lactation Consultant)

In fact, many in the local childbirth community call her the "breast whisperer!" She brings passion, wisdom, and loving care to every family she serves. Melenie began her journey to serve families after the birth of her son in 1996. Breastfeeding came easy but she was not passed down the tradition from the women in her family. Seeking out breastfeeding support led her to Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon and a world of birth/breastfeeding mentors who embraced her and blessed her with their knowledge. After earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Rhetoric and Media Studies from Willamette University in 2009, Melenie continued to be drawn in by her passion for serving families. While working at the Gallatin City-County Health Department as the Lactation Education Program Coordinator, a program she developed from the ground, she maintained her Certified Lactation Counselor accreditation. She received her Advanced Lactation Consultant certification in the fall of 2017. In 2018, nominated by her peers, Melenie was awarded the first MT Mother-Baby Breastfeeding Advocacy Award by the Montana Breastfeeding Coalition for her tireless efforts in community lactation support and advocacy. She takes pride in helping women successfully nurture their babies in a way that best supports that particular family's goals and desires. She and her husband have raised three children to adulthood and have loved and supported many more in their home. Melenie speaks at national and international conferences on the topics of breastfeeding, community support systems, parenting, and newborn care. She also gives her time to the Gallatin Breastfeeding Coalition and community support groups focused on parenting.

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