Certified Breastfeeding Specialist
New Jersey

I am a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist providing infant feeding support & education from womb to weaning. In-person consultations (for families in Northern NJ and Rockland County, NY) & virtual sessions (everywhere) support breastfeeding/chestfeeding/bodyfeeding/pumping parents and nursing/bottle-feeding/weaning babes.

Lactation Nation was born from the desire to demystify infant feeding, because the confusion & anxiety around feeding a new baby can be isolating and all consuming. Parents weren’t meant to do this thing alone. So don’t! In the chaos & beauty of early parenthood, I was inspired to extend my hand to uplift other weary parents. Let’s navigate the feeding piece together, so you can focus on enjoying your little one.

My services include:
- Prenatal breastfeeding education
- Support with inducing lactation
- Feeding assessment (nursing and/or bottle feeding)
- Milk supply management
- Breast and nipple care
- Assessment of tethered oral tissues and post-release support
- Breast pump introduction and support
- Return to work planning
- Weaning & introducing complementary solids

Service Area
New Jersey: Bergen County, Passaic County, Hudson County, Essex CountyNew York: Rockland County
Languages Spoken
Japanese (conversational)
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