RNC MNN IBCLC (RN/NH031787-21/L-62865)
New Hampshire
Private Practice, Office Practice, Pump Rentals, Phone Consults, Clinic Practice, Breastfeeding Education, Nutrition, Research, Hospital Practice, Professional Education, Home Visits

I offer prenatal breastfeeding education and private lactation consults in your home. I am able to assess, educate and support you on your journey, providing you with a plan and follow up telephone and or messaging support as needed. My belief is that breastfeeding does not look or feel the same to any one woman and baby. My motto is to always be sure that your baby is fed, your milk supply is preserved and that your sanity is maintained throughout your journey. I am committed to helping you achieve your breast feeding goals whatever they may be. Accept cash, credit card, FSA/HSA credit cards. Will receive an invoice with insurance codes to submit for reimbursement.

Virtual Support Available?