Mother's Instinct Lactation Services
New Hampshire
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Seasonal availability for home visits in the White Mountain region, late spring through early fall. Call or text for appointment times. Virtual visits available year round. I provide comprehensive breastfeeding, chest feeding, and pumping assistance and education. I am also a licensed RN in MA and RI and have been working with new families for more than 20 years. I have experience with all types of breastfeeding problems from common to complex. Prenatal education, pumping and return to work classes available. I can help with: > latch difficulty or pain > tongue or lip tie > infant weight concerns > reflux > tandem feeding> low supply/over supply > blocked ducts and mastitis > bottles and pumping > breast, chest or nipple surgery > prematurity > multiples > relactation or inducing lactation > medication safety > weaning

Virtual Support Available?