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At the heart of my practice, I want to help you meet your feeding goals, whether that's with 100% human milk or including some formula and bottles or exclusive pumping or exclusive formula-feeding. I love supporting families as they learn new skills and techniques related to feeding and soothing their babies as well as in efforts to make more milk and find pumping more comfortable, efficient and effective (usually smaller flanges, honestly). In order to support my families with the most updated information and techniques as possible, I enjoy incorporating the skills I have learned in infant oral assessment, pre- and post-frenectomy activities, Rhythmic Movement Training, TummyTime Method, flange fitting and advanced skills I've learned through many hours of continuing education. I offer feeding consultations in my cozy office in Northborough as well as virtually. My office has a comfortable couch, as well as a sink inside and we can try various positions and tools. I like to do pumping sessions and flange fittings with all of my clients who want that support. I also offer two different support groups for pregnant and nursing/pumping/chestfeeding parents (see my website, for more info on those). I also offer professional education, specifically about pumping and feeding gear (information on that is also on my website,

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