New Jersey
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IBCLC since 2005 offering Prenatal Breastfeeding Education, In-home Lactation Consultations, Virtual Consultations, Phone Consultations in Bergen, Essex and Hudson Counties. I am bilingual, Spanish/English. Espanol/Ingles. Comprehensive consult will include maternal, infant and feeding assessments with pre and post feeding weights to determine effective milk transfer. Will offer tips and tricks to optimize positioning onto the breast, show parents how to encourage more drinking at breast. Will share how to do hand-expression, the significance of skin-to-skin contact, how to use the biological nurturing position, how to understand newborn behaviors, discuss the 6 infant states and other parenting/coping techniques to soothe baby. I have high level expertise in assessing for tethered oral tissues, ie tongue-tie, lip-tie, buccal ties. Will evaluate for functional movement not just appearance. Adhere to the best care for TOTs by recommending bodywork/release/bodywork. Expertise working with breastfeeding twins, breastfeeding premature infants, returning to work, using breast pumps, nursing through pregnancy and tandem nursing, breastfeeding after breast reduction or augmentation, breastfeeding while using a sling or baby carrier, induced lactation. Experienced in assisting with breastfeeding difficulties through telephone counseling and one-on-one crisis intervention. Work with team of HCP's providing interconnected care optimizing the breastfeeding experience.

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