Sheehan Deselle
New Hampshire
Private Practice, Office Practice, Pump Rentals, Phone Consults, Clinic Practice, Breastfeeding Education, Nutrition, Research, Hospital Practice, Professional Education, Home Visits

Farrah is passionate about improving the lives of infants and families. With 25 years of experience as a perinatal nurse, she provides infant feeding education and compassionate support for all families including breastfeeding, chestfeeding and bottle feeding. She specializes in working with families with a history of trauma, birth trauma, substance exposure, perinatal anxiety/depression, PTSD,LGBTQ families and those who are especially focused on holistic or alternative family practices. Farrah also provides Birth Story Medicine with specialized training in supporting parents who are recovering from difficult birth and infant feeding experiences such as following NICU stays. Farrah provides training to perinatal professionals in lactation, trauma-informed care, birth trauma prevention and recovery, and caring for families affected by substance exposure. She has numerous contacts for a full range of health care professionals to help you meet your infant feeding and family health goals. Many services are billable to insurance and all families receive care with individualized fee structures as needed.

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